Call Cafe du Monde 1 (800) 772-2927

Over the years, the Fernandez Family has been approached many times with requests to open a franchise of the Cafe Du Monde. Many of these requests come on Saturday and Sunday, after the person has sat at the Cafe Du Monde on Decatur Street, and seen the crowds of people at the Cafe.

These people will walk to the company store at 813 Decatur Street, Grandads General Store, and ask to talk with one of the owners. Other requests will come via fax, e-mail, or by telephone. Unfortunately, at this time the Fernandez Family is not interested in franchising the Cafe Du Monde. The Fernandez Family has had the experience in opening a number of Cafe Du Monde over the years, and has had the experience of opening a Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand that has not performed as well as one might have hoped.

Each Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand has required a substantial capital outlay that the Fernandez Family has been able to shoulder because of its business diversification over the years. Part of the Fernandez Family’s reluctance to franchise is that an individual would be ill prepared to shoulder the financial risk of opening an unsuccessful Cafe Du Monde. We do not wish to place another family in this position.