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For the demonstration, I suggest having three vacuum bottles, one with a strong brew of Coffee and Chicory, one with hot water to make the brew weaker should the customer prefer, and another with hot (170 degrees Fahrenheit) milk.

The customer should be informed that this is the World Famous Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory. The coffee is traditionally served as Cafe Au Lait at the Coffee Stand, which means the cup is half hot coffee and half hot milk. However, customers have a preference on how they like their coffee and there are options available for experimentation. With the three Airpots, you can make the coffee lighter- add more milk or darker- add less milk. You can also make the black coffee weaker by adding hot water.

Equipment to serve Cafe Au Lait:

  1. Can of Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory
  2. Drip Coffee Pot
  3. Vacuum Bottles (3)
  4. Hot Plate (to heat milk)
  5. 2 Liter Saucepan (to heat milk)
  6. Thermometer (to check milk temperature)
  7. Measuring Cup (to measure amount of Coffee and Chicory)
  8. Serving Cups, Sugar, Coffee Stirrers.

NOTE: The Vacuum bottles should be pre-heated to make sure they keep their temperature when filled. The Coffee and Chicory should be brewed to the ratio of 2.0 US gallons per 13 ounces of Coffee and Chicory. One 15oz can should be brewed with 2.3 US gallons.

Ice Coffee

There is an increasing demand for Ice Coffee and the Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory is well suited for this. One can pour the prepared coffee over a full glass of ice for Ice Coffee. Serve with milk and sugar to taste.